Representing Women in Commercial Transport

Collaborating with Woman In Trucking Africa, CTA aims to bridge the gender gap by fostering equal skills in both male and female students. We seek to change the gender-based stigmas and stereotypes associated with the commercial transport sector through the smooth introduction of women into the sector.

As such our courses are tailor-made to help women realise opportunities which exist within the transport and logistics industries, to equip them with industry-relevant skill sets, and to facilitate entrepreneurial mavericks with the resources they need for own-business success.

A extensive support system is available to all students throughout the duration of their studies, and culminates in an effective post-learning output strategy which:

  • Includes career placement and opportunities
  • Focuses on the incubation, funding, and business development of entrepreneurial initiatives to assist female students with the operation of their own businesses within the commercial transport sector.

Companies are looking for female drivers

Women in trucking is a growing requirement in South Africa. Among the most prominent motivations for this, is women are softer on their vehicles reducing warranty claims and damages. Despite having family responsibilities, women are more reliable and have proven-customer satisfaction results. Companies have the responsibility of recognising the employment equity bill, making this an opportune time for women to enter this industry.